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10 Styling Tricks That Will Make Your Small Living Room Feel Bigger

Styling Tricks for Your Living Space

It is estimated that more than 50% of the houses built have smaller living rooms. Focusing on the kitchen and bedrooms has become a tradition nowadays. Nobody is complaining because some very efficient and excellent tricks could make a smaller living room feel and look bigger.

Styling Tricks for Your Living Space to Feel Bigger

Be Wise About Wall Colours 

Using multiple neutral shades will not help the size of the room, as it may seem more cramped than anything. The trick for this is to use lighter colours like white or light cream on the walls.

Keep It Clutter-free

The secret of making any room look bigger than it is keeping it neat without any trace of clutter. Invest in storage shelves that complement the interior and go creative about it, like choosing the animal-themed storage racks from Onivart.

Coordinate Furniture With Walls

Opting for furniture of the same colour as the walls is very effective for making a room look more spacious. The reason behind it is basically the illusion created by our eyes due to the blending of the furnishing pieces with the walls because they are of a similar colour.

Make Way for Light

Allowing natural light into the room by the windows and doors also works. It is quite evident to anyone that well-lit spaces tend to look spacious and roomy.

Curtains are the Key

It is necessary to buy curtains for windows and doors to a house and if your living room is smaller in size, choose long curtains (ceiling-to-floor). This creates an illusion that the ceiling is higher. 

Opt for Big Decor Items

Decorate the living area with a single statement coffee table and an accent chair, and you will see that your room looks huge without the smaller furniture pieces lying around.

Reflective Surfaces Never Fail

Make use of tables or wall decor that have reflective surfaces. These pieces tend to reflect light around the place, making it feel like something more commodious.

Big Wall Art

Paintings and wall arts generally enhance the beauty of a place. For smaller rooms, it is better to go for a single and big piece of art rather than cramming the walls with smaller paintings. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are another brilliant way to make the living room feel huge. Like reflected surfaces, the secret of this trick is the reflection of artificial and natural light that is projected into the room.

Be Creative in Buying Furniture

Go all out and buy creative furniture like wall shelves and bull tables from Onivart to design your place into your dream house but be limited in placing them in the living room.

These are the few best Styling Tricks for Your Living Space. Comment down if you know more!

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