5 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Retreat

5 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Into sleep retreat- onivart

Have you got dreams to transform your bedroom into a sleep retreat? A room with an uncomfortable environment is not a space to have a peaceful slumber. Good rest to mind and body requires a calming sanctuary that will put you to sleep immediately as your head hits the pillow. You can transform a bedroom into a sleep retreat by following these 5 tips. This sleep retreat design will help you create a space that is calming, peaceful and offers you a place to relax and rejuvenate. 

There is a higher chance of getting that cosy room in a five-star hotel with housekeeping and top-rated room service, but if you want that level of relaxation in your own home, follow the below tips.

Colours that Appease

The main factor that affects the look of the bedroom is the colours of the wall and the furniture. Although bright colours like orange and yellow energize you, warm and earthy shades will make you feel comfortable and make your retreat cosy and warm.

Solve Clutter Issues

Clutter is one of the recurring problems in any house, and it is neglected most of the time until a sudden spring clean-up comes up. To solve this issue, Onivart introduced portable and attractive storage boxes with out-of-the-box animal designs. Keeping your premises clean will make your room a lot more commodious.

Prioritizing Comfort 

What is a bedroom without the word “comfort”? To make a perfectly peaceful sanctuary, you need to make your choice on your source of comfort, be it a bed, a couch or even a chair to lounge on. Keep the temperature of the room that makes you feel snug.

Lighting Changes Everything

Lighting can make or break your mission to make your space a special haven. Too bright or too dark will not work so, go for alternative lighting like installing decorative fairy lights. But, allowing natural light might also add to the soft ambience, you are going for.

Keeping it to the Minimum

It is important that you leave space in the room as it is without trying to fill it with furniture. Having space to freely roam around in the bedroom and to stretch a bit is better for you and your eye than cluttering it with furniture. Add a statement piece and be done with it to enhance the aesthetic.

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